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Home Page

                                                Welcome to the Nebraska AAU Website

 This website is setup to give AAU powerlifters, parents, coaches, referees, and helpers information about the fun sport of powerlifting in Nebraska.  The left column has the menu and the right column is static information and additional menus for the RECORDS page.  The center section will have the dynamic information - meet info, results, records, and other information.  If you have any suggestions or are willing to help with the website or to help in meets - please e-mail me here.

Latest News

AAU Memberships:
The AAU is requiring that people get there membership before any competition.  Please get your membership on-line as it may be difficult to get them at the meet.  The insurance company needs the date of membership prior to the competition so you are covered.  You can go here to renew for 1 to 3 years.  The sport to register for is Powerlifting, the Club Name is Nebraska Powerlifting, and the Club Code is: XXTAXD. 

Remember - the registration is good from Sept 1 until August 31 of the following year.

Updated Events:

Steve Davenport is have an AAU meet November 2 at Parkview Christian in Lincoln.  Get rested from CSG and get ready to compete in November!

 CSG Information!   

The 2013 CSG is in the books (results are here ).  Remember the 2015 State Games of America will require additional help (set-up, meet help, cleanup).  Please contact me if you are willing to help provide a good experience for the lifters.  Thanks.

 2011 Orchard Meet

Jeff Shabram and his crew put on a great meet on April 2nd.  There were 98 lifters registered and the weather, venue, and crowd were great!  There were lifters as young as 7 and old as 55 competing from Iowa, Missouri, South Dakota and Nebraska.  The results are here.  Thanks to all the lifters, judges, spotters/loaders, and the great people of Clearwater-Orchard for making this such a great meet. 

South Dakota Powerlift On Plains Meet

Jay ran a good meet on Jan 22.  We had quite a few Nebraska lifter competing and they did well.  The results are here.  Jeff Shabram and his lifters did quite well.  James Watson from Lincoln set a couple of new records.  One highlight was watching Dave Hansen deadlift 655 and then an American Record 666 at 198!  The meet went quickly and we were out by 3:30 but the weather turned bad and it was a long ride back to Nebraska!  Thanks Jay for running this meet.

Cornhusker State Games

Congratulations to all the lifters, coaches, judges, spotters/loaders, and table help - we had another successful Cornhusker State Games.  The results are up and we are working on the State Records.  All-Star Photography took a bunch of great pictures - check them out here.


Congratulation to Jeff Shabram and the community of Clearwater-Orchard for another fine meet.  Jeff did a great job setting up, running, and lifting in this meet.  There were 77 lifters registered and many records set.  The driving weather was a lot better this year than last!  The results are now up on the Results page.

South Dakota AAU Meet:  Jay Trenhaile ran a fun meet in Brookings SD with quite a few Nebraska lifters making it to the meet.  The results are here.   This was a good first AAU meet in South Dakota and we hope to help Jay with more meets.

Congratulations to the Nebraska Lifters at AAU Jr. Olympics.  Dan Barton, Monte Lofing, and Randy Worden helped 20 lifters from Nebraska compete in the AAU Jr. Olympic Powerlifting competiton the first weekend in August.  The Nebraska team (male and female, raw and equipped) came in 2nd to a team from Florida.  Congratulations on the good lifting.  The results are here.

The 2009 CSG Powerlifting meet results are here.   Thanks to all the help - spotters, loaders, referees, table help and to Lincoln Christian School for the facility.  We had the largest turnout ever for the CSG Powerlifting meet and it ran smoothly and the clean-up went exceptionally fast.  Thanks to all for your help. 

A special thanks to Bill DePorter (AAU National Chairman) for coming out and attending the meet, judging and answering many questions.  

Bill called several months ago and said he was coming out to see the meet and make a presentation - I assumed it would be a five year award.  Needless to say, I was humbled at the presentation of the Brother Bennet award.  The award says "In Appreciation for dedication and service given to the sport of Powerlifting".  It should be obvious to all that a meet such as CSG is not put on by one person.  We have a good organization with many people who make it successful.  

Don McElravy has headed up the development and recruiting of referees - which has resulted in good, consistent judging.  Mac has been at most meets over the past 20 years sanctioned or not, judging, helping, setting up and cleaning up.  He has helped me unload the equipment late after many meets and helped cleanup after most meets.  His advice and encouragement are much appreciated.   Jim Putz has worked to maintain the records on the website, Jeff Shabram has put on good meets in Orchard, Dave Mlnarik and Scott Ash (CSG) have provided help and encouragement, and Bill DePorter and Ivy Schuler with AAU have been available and most helpful in answering questions, helping with sanctions, rules questions, organizational questions, providing information and advice.  We have many people who volunteer each year for meet help (judges, table help, spotters and loaders, people who help set-up and cleanup) and for lifters who train and participate in this sport.  Lincoln Christian School and Matt Farup have been very helpful in providing the facility to hold these meets.  I am most thankful for my family for not only allowing me this "hobby" but for supporting me and participating with me in it.  This award reflects the great group of people in this organization.  I am thankful to get to work with such great people in this sport.






Welcome to the Nebraska AAU Website.  

This website is to provide information about AAU Powerlifting in Nebraska and surrounding states.  The site content will be kept up by several individuals and we want it to provide good information about what is going in AAU.

The Nebraska Powerlifting AAU Club was formed in the fall of 2004 to provide a drug tested venue for all athletes to compete.  We have had many successful meets in the past years and have over 100 lifters in Nebraska alone.  The Nebraska Powerlifting will try to hold 3  to 5 meets a year spaced 2-3 months apart.  There will be two meets in the spring, Cornhusker State Games will be the summer meet and there will be one the beginning of November.